John Crowley

I work with children, adolescents, young adults and their parents.

I also work in educational settings with students and staff both individually and in groups.

I offer supervision and consultation to other clinicians, school staff, social workers and other professionals working with children.


John Crowley is a highly specialised NHS trained Psychoanalytic Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist.

Private practice in Sydenham SE London.

All treatment plans include therapy reviews with parents/carers. I also work with parents/carers, where seeing the child or young person isn't possible or appropriate or as a pre-emptive intervention before seeing the child. 

Sometimes one or two consultations are enough but sometimes when things seem stuck, complex or overly-challenging a short-term package of weekly work is necessary until things have settled down and the adults feel more assured. Such work aims at deepening understanding of each child's moods and behaviour and developing new skills and techniques to parent 'therapeutically'. 


One-to-one psychotherapy:

Children, adolescents, young adults (up to 24).

Parenting work:

One-to-one parenting work to develop new understanding and insight to children and so find new ways to parent challenging issues..

Small group themed parent work, e.g. single parents, divorce and separation, loss and illness, sibling rivalry, puberty and sexuality.

Parent groups:

Single parents with pubertal children, parenting adolescents and other themes by term.

Workshops & Talks for school staff:

Child development, puberty and sexuality, adolescence, etc.

I see children and young people in short to longer-term treatment plans, e.g. four to six appointments or one or more school terms, subject to each situation and need. The reasons for seeking help may be complex or not at all clear, my training means I work with a range of issues and especially with children when causes and difficulties are unknown and only worrying behaviour or emotions can be seen. 

My way of working means I start with a first stage assessment where parents/carers discuss the identified difficulties and desired outcomes. The next stage will include seeing the child/young person for a period of assessment after which a recommendation for treatment is made.

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