Why me

The development of good mental health and emotional wellbeing is an ordinary part of growing-up but sometimes things go wrong (especially in adolescence) and emotional wellbeing mental health suffer as a consequence: The child/young person's and parents/family .This is especially a risk when there has been neglect, abuse or trauma somewhere in the

child or family’s past. 

The pace, permissiveness and new realities of modern life impinges on the wellbeing of all of us and can be detrimental to any child's psychological development - the most stable, gifted and mature of young people are not immune from some kind of struggle or breakdown in their development. 

These days parents and carers are increasingly finding cause to seek professional help outside of the NHS CAMHS provision* because they want a different treatment than that offered, the waiting time for treatment is too long or some other factor.  Whatever the reason, finding and choosing the right private mental health practitioner can be a daunting challenge.

Why a Psychoanalytic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Mental health and emotional wellbeing falls broadly under two treatment approaches: Medical-pharmacological and ‘talking therapies’.   Psychoanalytic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is a ‘talking therapy’.

All NHS  trained Psychoanalytic Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists are able to work with children, adolescents and young adults (up to 24) and are able to help and deal with the ordinary and the difficult challenges of young lives.

Our long and extensive training means we are well placed to identify and deal with issues before they become a greater worry and spot when things may be more complex than first thought.

Many of us have special interests, mine include working with clients where adoption and care proceedings are in the background and with children/young people who have ASD-like symptoms and diagnoses.

* Child and adolescent mental health in the NHS is dealt with by the local CAMHS teams (Child & Adolescent Mental health Services).  These teams are made up of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health nurses and others.

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